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  Monday, 5 December, 2016   News

For more than a decade, the TRI-MAX™ brand has been synonymous with quality and innovation in the fire technology industry. Founded by Dave Mahrt, Kingsway, the manufacturer of TRI-MAX™ Cold CAF, has sold over 10,000 fire suppression systems to the military, public agencies, industrial contractors and private companies world-wide. Industries using Trimax CAF fire fighting and protection systems includes but not limited to the following:

  • Aviation
  • Maritime
  • Military (Including the US Army Aviation)
  • Oil and Gas in offshore manned and unmanned platforms, Fraking operations and Oil / Gas storage facilities
  • Various US Fire Departments and County Fire Departments, Volunteer Fire Brigades
  • Road transport
  • Forestry and lumber milling
  • Remote Communities and Hotel Resorts

Currently Trimax is working to provide solutions to bring building up to fire code and to protect housing and building at risk from forest and bush fires as well as our systems that are designed for installation of buildings during construction that meet or exceed fire codes.

Trimax also manufactures Decontamination equipment for use by militaries who require a decontamination solution for troops or civilians even.

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