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Product: 200 SUPER-CAF



This TRI-MAX SUPER-200 is capable of producing a stagger 4000 gallons of finished foam product. 

Armed with the same Dual Discharge Capability of the other systems in the Super-SKID series the TRI-MAX SUPER-200 is a powerhouse that allows two operators to attack a fire from two directions.

The TRI-MAX Super-200 was engineered to fit in the back of a full-size one-ton pickup truck or a trailer. Outfitted with 100Ft of 1″ Booster line and 100 ft of 1.5″ collapsible hose, the TRI-MAX SUPER-200 is a powerful system in a small package.

  • Durable Welded Copolymer frame
  • Dual Discharge Capability 200
  • Gallons of solution provides up to 4000 gallons of finished  foam product
  • No moving parts to fail
  • SKID mounted for ultimate versatility
  • Single Point Refill port for convenient air cylinder re-fill