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Product: G1000H



Now Garmin’s award-winning G1000 flight deck is available for OEM installation on a wide range of rotorcraft, too. Featuring many of the same advanced features as its airplane counterpart, the G1000H adds support for technologies specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s helicopter operators, including HSVT™ Synthetic Vision Technology, a Helicopter Terrain and Awareness Warning System (HTAWS), video input capability and much more.

Look to the Future with HSVT
Garmin’s Synthetic Vision Technology has been enhanced to add increase situational awareness in your rotorcraft cockpit. Using sophisticated graphics modeling, the system recreates a “virtual reality” landscape on your large 10-, 12- or 15-inch primary flight display. This enables you to clearly visualize terrain features, waterways, airport locations, runway depiction and obstacles – even in solid IFR or nighttime VFR conditions.

Avoid Obstacles with HTAWS
An optional HTAWS has been engineered specifically to keep rotorcraft safely separated from hazardous terrain and minimize the chance of CFIT (Controlled Flight into Terrain). The system predicts in advance where potential hazards may lie and alerts you as you near them. A 5-color Terrain Proximity display lets your visualize how close you are to a potential threat while voice callouts audibly announce the helicopter’s height above terrain when descending below 500 feet. For low-level operations, the system even has a Reduced Protection (RP) Mode that minimizes alerting while continuing to provide protection.

Plug in to Satellite Weather and Communication
Keep a watchful eye on weather in the U.S. and Canada with built-in support for Garmin’s GDL™ 69 satellite datalink, which gives you NEXRAD radar imagery, METARS, TAFS, TFRs, lightning, winds and more through a XM® WX subscription. The GDL 69 can also provide XM satellite radio in the cockpit with a music subscription. When you add a GSR™ 56, you gain global weather capabilities through the Iridium satellite network. It can also support voice, text messaging and flight tracking/position reporting virtually anywhere in the world when coupled with the right subscriptions.

Fly Advanced Avionics
At the core of the G1000H, potentially high-maintenance gyro instruments have been replaced with Garmin’s proven Attitude and Heading Reference System. AHRS takes inputs from GPS, magnetometer and air data computers to achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy. The G1000H provides support for Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) technology, which offers high-precision GPS guidance.

Integrate Your Cockpit
In addition to avionics, satellite communications and weather, the G1000 can integrate a wide range of additional equipment in your cabin. The GMA 350H audio panel is the first of its kind to bring advanced auto squelch, 3-D audio and hands-free operations to helicopter cockpits. With a GTS™ series TAS or TCAS I traffic system (sold separately), you can easily monitor the positions of other aircraft in your vicinity. The system is also designed to work with the GTX™ 33 ES Mode-S transponder, which provides Traffic Information System (TIS) support. For safer arrivals and departures, Garmin FliteCharts come standard. If you prefer Jeppesen-style charts, you can also add the ChartView service, which lets you overlay your aircraft’s position on an electronic approach chart. When you're on the ground, Garmin SafeTaxi® lets navigate taxiways and runways easily with a database of nearly 1,000 U.S. airport diagrams.

  • Large-format, flat-panel LCD displays serve as paired PFD and MFD 
  • Fully integrated suite with dual WAAS-certified GPS 
  • Optional HSVT on PFD depicts terrain and obstacle data in 3-D 
  • Optional HTAWS alerting with terrain and obstacle database for the U.S. and Europe 
  • Large moving-map MFD with engine/fuel gauge cluster, checklist capability 
  • 16-watt VHF COM transceivers with 8.33-kHz channel spacing 
  • Mode-S transponder with Traffic Information Service (TIS) 
  • Optional XM WX Satellite Weather and SiriusXM Satellite Radio 
  • SafeTaxi® airport diagrams included 
  • Optional worldwide weather, voice communication, flight tracking and text messaging via the GSR 56 iridium transceiver. 
  • Solid-state AHRS referencing 
  • Interfaces for terrain, traffic, lightning and weather sensors 
  • Full reversionary display capability 
  • Modular rack-mounted LRUs 
  • Video input option 
  • Award-winning product support and 2-year warranty