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Product: 3 MINI-CAF



One of our best selling systems, the TRI-MAX 3 Mini-CAF comes in a small package but delivers a big punch. Portable and easy to use, the TM 3 Mini-CAF is able to furnish up to 60 gallons of finished foam from a 3 gallon tank. The TM 3 Mini-CAF unit is perfectly designed to handle flammable or hazardous chemical spills. The patented TRI-MAX process create a thicker vapor sealing blanket preventing toxic vapor release or fire re-ignition. The TM 3 Mini-CAF has clearly proven itself to be very best "first responder" unit on the market.

  • Easy to use – minimal training required
  • Designed for rapid deployment by first responders
  • Can be quickly recharged in the field
  • Durable frame does not rust or bend