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Welcome to Aviation Hub Asia Inc. Leader in the Aviation industry within our region and beyond!

To lead in the introduction of products and services needed by the aviation maintenance industry.

Providing general aircraft maintenance capabilities.

Providing Line Maintenance and Specialist services of avionics, communications and navigation equipment, service and support including Test and Certification of the Transponder / Pitot static systems and Compass swing and calibrations.

Dealerships and Service Center services for OEM manufacturers to Supply and Install the OEM’s products

Aviation Hub Asia Inc. will be adding its own OEM Dealerships and Service Centers as we progress including installations.

Providing Complete Engineering, AMO Maintenance and Flight Operations and Technical Services and Records support for Flying Schools

Aviation Hub Asia Inc. will establish the first aircraft piston engine overhaul shop in Clark Freeport to support the Lycoming and Continental piston engine aircraft with flying schools and in General Aviation in the Philippines.

Material Supplier

Starting with a range of spares and materials in stock in our store in Clark Freeport and yet more available by order basis that we can have on hand in Clark ready for you within 3-5 days after receiving your purchase order.