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AviationHubAsia Inc. present TRI-MAX The Leader in CAFS Fire Suppression Technology Since 1996.

AviationHubAsia Inc. is the EXCLUSIVE TRI-MAX dealer in southeast Asia!


For more than a decade, the TRI-MAX™ brand has been synonymous with quality and innovation in the fire technology industry. Founded by Dave Mahrt, Kingsway, the manufacturer of TRI-MAX™ Cold CAF, has sold over 10,000 fire suppression systems to the military, public agencies, industrial contractors and private companies world-wide.

As a Gun Ship helicopter pilot and Chief Warrant officer in Vietnam and a Forest Service contracted fire suppression pilot for over 20 years, Dave witnessed firsthand the inadequacy of today’s equipment and its inability to combat fires efficiently. Committed to making the trade a safer place, he created what is known today as the “TRI-MAX™ Cold CAF family” of fire suppression systems.

To date, the company has assembled a team of practiced engineers, fire fighters, tool makers, grant writers and sales professionals that share Dave Mahrt’s commitment and values; people he and his clients can trust.

The KINGSWAY/TRI-MAX™ Foundation

Mutual Respect
We operate in a climate of openness, trust and cooperation, in which each team member freely grants others the same respect and decency they seek for themselves; always embracing open honest communication.

Power of Collaboration
Our goal is to preserve the freedom each of us needs to find personal satisfaction while building a strong business that comes from unity of purpose. True unity is more than a melding of self-interests; it results when goals and values are shared.

Passion for Excellence
Choosing to be a leader in serving our customers, advancing our technologies, and rewarding all who invest in us. To sustain our leadership, we relentlessly seek to improve our performance. We bring urgency to every challenge and opportunity. We anticipate change and shape it to our purpose. We encourage new ideas and seek to involve every mind in the growth of our business.

Personal Integrity
We demand uncompromising ethical standards in all we say and do. We are committed to doing what is right – in good times and in bad. We are accountable for the commitments we make. We are an honorable company made of honorable people.

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TRI-MAX™ Video view more video on TRI-MAX website

Trimax 200 quick cut

The Trimax Super 200 CAF System with volume (from 2000-4000 gallons of finished AFFF foam - depending on your settings selected); incredible power shooting 110 feet with a 1 1/2" monitor gun, a 100' 1 3/4" flat hose and a 100' 1" diameter rubber hose all firing together.

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Shasta College Fire Training School Car fire

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TRI-MAX 30 Demonstration

TRI-MAX 30 Operations, Training and Maintanence information is covered in this informational Video.

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TRI-MAX 3 pan fire demonstration

A 25 x 25 ft. pan fire shows the knock out capability of TRI-MAX technology with Madisonville, TX Volunteer Dept.

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